Unabashed Christian Fundamentalist Bigotry

Fundies Attack “Day of Silence” with Promotion of Bigotry

Today is the annual “Day of Silence”.  This is a day that is organized by groups like the Gay-Straight Alliance.  People take a vow of silence as a means to attention to the bullying that occurs against LGBT students in schools.  It is not a new thing, and it should offend no one.  A high school that I used to teach at observed this day almost 15 years ago.  Some students would choose to stay silent in support of homosexual rights, and as a symbol of their intolerance of bullying.  The school did not mandate anyone to do anything, though they did ask us teachers to respect the kids’ choice to be quiet and not ask them to speak in class.  That was it.  It was no big deal.  No one protested the Day of Silence.  Oh how times have changed.

I have written several posts recently about my view of intolerance of intolerance—as in I do not tolerate intolerance—and that I rarely attack individual people, but more attack ideas and thought processes.  I make exceptions for highly offensive public figures.  I see no reason to spare them.  Today is one of those days.  At www.wnd.com there is an article written by Linda Harvey, who is the President of Mission America.  The title of her article is “The Gaying of America: 10 Reasons to Walk Out On Day of Silence”.  (You can read her article there, but I cover most of it here in quotes).  Ms. Harvey is a bigotand an ass clown.  There really is no better way to describe her.  Let’s take a look at some of her statements.

She urges students to stay away from schools today, “…if the school is officially recognizing and/or compelling students to observe this event during instructional time by a silent protest. High schools and even some middle schools are now the target of this event”.  There is no school that I have ever heard of that compels students to participate.   That is a statement designed to be inflammatory and is ass-clownish.  What she really means is the first part.  Boycott the school if they even have a Day of Silence.  Why? The students are “targets”.  (more on that in a bit)

She goes on to point out that the Day of Silence is organized by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) whose goal is to “champion LGBT issues in k-12 education…”  Okay, sounds like a group that pretty much includes everyone–homosexuals and straight people and seeks to promote tolerance.  No big deal right?  Not to Ms. Harvey who writes, “Did you catch that? “K through 12″? Younger and younger students are the target of this group. The younger the better, because they are easier to manipulate”.  There is that word, “targets” again.  What could she be talking about.  Lucky for us she explains all.

She writes:

“The Day of Silence goal is not, as I am told frequently by outraged emails from misinformed students, to help end all bullying. The goal is to exploit the tender sympathies of kids to promote homosexuality and gender confusion. The agenda is everything; Judeo-Christian morality is the enemy; and sadly, kids are the tools.”

A ha!  Wait…what?  What the hell is she talking about?  The goal of the Day of Silence is a gay conspiracy designed to attack Judeo-Christian morals?  (more ass clownery) Which ones exactly?  Surely not the ones that Jesus is said to have preached?  You know things like the golden rule, love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, and just the general “be nice to each other stuff’?  Not those examples of Judeo-Christian Morality right?  Oh I get it you must mean that I should take all of the lessons in bigotry that can be found in the bible as literal.  Those are the values you are speaking about.  The ones that Christians keep telling me to not take literally?  Got it…ass clown.  She has the temerity to imply that the goal of the group is to promote homosexuality and gender confusion.  What a crock.  She is an embarrassment to the human race.  Still not sure?  Keep reading.

Harvey, as the title of her article indicates 10 Reasons to walk out on the Day of Silence they are  (my comments are in green):

  1. A silent protest in support of immoral, God-dishonoring behavior is in itself profoundly deceptive. All sexual behavior outside man/woman marriage is sinful in God’s eyes. Why should Christian students and teachers be in the position of accommodating this flagrant violation of their principles?   If you are going to promote such bigotry, you need to prove your god exists.  Then you must prove that the bible is accurate, that you truly know your god’s thoughts, and that this god is actually concerned about our daily actions.  I don’t normally require that of theists on a daily basis, but in this case it becomes necessary.
  2. Any explicit or implicit message encouraging teens and even younger students to experiment freely with homosexual behavior is not “social justice” or “tolerance,” but actually, child corruption.  No, it is a great example of both “social justice” and “tolerance”.  What is child corruption and abuse is telling children that being gay is wrong.  Promoting your bigotry is child corruption.  Teaching your children that it is okay to force their religious beliefs on others is child corruption. 
  3. Allowing classroom silence to honor the Day of Silence unleashes tremendous peer pressure for students and even teachers to endorse sexual immorality, or be considered “enemies” of those peers and teachers proudly involved in homosexuality. This puts people of faith in the position of violating Christian doctrine through tacit approval (Romans 16:17-18; Ephesians 5:11). They are also intimidated into self-censoring their First Amendment rights.  I worked in an environment where this held for several years.  There was no peer pressure.  If there was any pressure at all it was against the people who chose to be silent!  Watching other people be silent to support a cause does not violate any Christian doctrine.  No one is forcing anyone to be quiet.  Stop being an alarmist ass clown.
  4. The Day of Silence encourages students to nurture prejudiced, hostile and bigoted attitudes against Christians and others with traditional moral beliefs, and to spread inaccurate and harmful information.    Really?  You are claiming that homosexuals are the bigots and spread harmful information?  Pardon my crassness here, but that takes some serious balls.
  5. Using legitimate concerns about bullying and teen suicide to advance the promotion of homosexuality in schools is educational malpractice. It’s totally unnecessary to stop bullying and prevent harm to students, and Christians should not be a party to this gross distortion of a genuine problem. No one needs to embrace homosexuality or gender confusion in order to prevent bullying, but GLSEN routinely takes this deceitful position.   That is a really stunning statement.  I suppose you are unfamiliar with the incredibly high suicide rate of students in Anoka County, MN.  You can read about this horrific tragedy here.  Your entire piece is a great example of bullying and bigotry.  Do you not realize your own hypocrisy?
  6. Teachers know harassment when they see it. They can simply say, “Cut it out!” But GLSEN and the Day of Silence pressure teachers to amend this to, “Cut it out, because you are only permitted to say good things about homosexuality!” When did we all sign up to become public-relations agents for the good reputation of homosexuality? This viewpoint discrimination forces an untruthful and ungodly agenda on staff members, when stopping verbal harassment can be accomplished without becoming champions of “gay” behavior.  Wow.  You really are an extremist and have no idea what tolerance means or human rights are do you?  Teaching kids that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, with respect, and judged on their actions—not on their gayness or straightness is just not a bad thing.  Ass Clown.
  7. There are legitimate lessons students should learn about prejudice and bias. But Day of Silence promoters deceptively link moral objections about homosexuality to racial discrimination or anti-Semitism in an attempt to legitimize the pro-homosexual agenda and portray homosexuals as perennial victims, while disguising the harmfulness and risk.  How is this “deceptive”?  Please elaborate, though I am sure you cannot because you are prejudiced, bigoted, biased, and an ass clown (as previously noted).
  8. Teachers have used the DOS to inappropriately become classroom advocates and models of this deviant behavior. In one Ohio school, a teacher used a PowerPoint presentation to tell students about her “gay” support and even disclosed to students that she was a lesbian, without prior notice to parents or permission from her principal.  Can you believe it?  A teacher taught tolerance and announced her sexuality without getting the consent of parents first!  What a crime!  Seriously, did you actually attend “Clown College”?
  9. The health and lifestyle risks of homosexuality are virtually never shared on the Day of Silence. Instead, students are given the deceitful impression that homosexuality is just as safe and worthy an identity as heterosexual dating and marriage.  That is because it is as safe as any other lifestyle.  What is your point here?
  10. The DOS message inhibits Christians from witnessing to their peers caught up in homosexuality or gender confusion. There is salvation through Jesus Christ and the hope of leaving this sin behind. Calling homosexuality a sin on the Day of Silence would be considered “hateful,” when it is actually God-honoring and respectful to the hearer. It may lead them to an eternal home with God. But that won’t happen if the truth is suppressed, which it always is on the Day of Silence. Stay home that day, and choose to witness on another, where perhaps you will have a fair chance of being heard.  You are a hateful and deluded person who preaches bigotry.  There is not an ounce of truth or fact in this last statement…oh maybe the “witnessing” part, but that is insane in its own right.

Ms. Harvey is a very hateful and deluded person.  To those who read this and do not care for my treatment of her….too bad.  She does not deserve an ounce of my respect for preaching her bigotry and hate—to children no less.  Please do not write in saying that I am being a hypocrite.  She can say/believe whatever she wants, but I not need to respect it or her for that matter.  It is people like her that are destroying this country.  If she is going to publicly preach this garbage, then she can take the heat.

Sadly, we cannot end this story here.  There is another group that is waging a protest today.  That group is the Parents and Friends of Ex-gays & Gays (PFOX).  If Ms. Harvey is an ass clown, then these people constitute an ass clown car.  This group are the “pray the gay away” people.  That is correct–they are the ones who believe that people are not born gay, and through prayer can turn themselves straight.  Okay, stop laughing, there is more.

They are also deeply offended because they feel discriminated against.  Discrimination is a bad thing, and should be treated seriously, so who could be discriminating against them?  Gay people.  According to their website, the gays will not leave them alone.  Seriously.  That is their claim.  They go on to write about how hard it is to have “unwanted same-sex attractions” but not be able to act on them because to do so would be a “sin”.  This group is nothing more than a noxious weed.  Here is their plan today, “Since members of these gay affirming clubs agree to remain silent for the day, April 20 is the time to distribute ex-gay information without interference or harassment from any gay activist faculty or GSA clubs,” said Greg Quinlan, president of PFOX”.  (PFOX quotes from the Christian Post article cited above).  Oh the bravery, honesty, and integrity that they show.  Ass clowns.  They choose to hand out flyers when their opponents won’t criticize them.  Typical of people who know they are full of shit.  Their flyer is something that one must learn to create at Ass Clown University.  It is utter nonsense.  You can view it on their website.  In fact they encourage you to do so.

Here is the problem with PFOX and others groups like them.  The entire claim that homosexuals can change, that someone can “pray away the gay” and become heterosexual or at least live a celibate homosexual life is based on one study by Dr. Robert Spitzer.  Dr. Spitzer is the fairly famous Psychiatrist who was instrumental and largely credited with having the term “mental illness” removed from homosexuality in the early 1970’s.  Dr. Spitzer is an atheist, who in 2001 decided to study the whole “pray away the gay” thing.  He did so and concluded that it was possible.  This gave the moment some serious legs.  The atheist, pro-gay Doc says you can, with hard work change from homosexual to heterosexual.

Imagine my delight when I hopped online to research this study and learned the following.  Just last week, April 11, 2010 to be exact, Dr. Spitzer has renounced the validity of his study.  He admits that his critics are correct and that in fact, you cannot “pray away the gay”.  You can read his statements here.  Groups like PFOX are back to having absolutely nothing to back up their claims.

I want to talk a bit more about PFOX and the other groups like them.  The adult members of these groups are of course free to believe and do as they choose.  They state how hard it is for them to struggle with being “ex-gay” (whatever that means) and unwanted same-sex attractions.  This is, no doubt, the psychological hell they claim it to be.  They are living a lie.  No easy thing to do.  They are gay, yet fight the urges daily for religious reasons.  They live thinking there is something wrong with them.  They do not have my sympathy.  Their “hell” is one of their own making.  One they are free to choose or leave at any time.  They are adults and are free to do as they choose.

The problem I have is with the children.  Many gay children of Christian fundamentalist parents are brought to these groups.  They are told in essence that they are broken and need to be fixed.  They are placed into a psychological hell by adults.  Yet, people like Ms. Harvey and others have the stones to say that LGBT groups are causing gender confusion?  (Ass clowns).  I would posit that any parent or adult who is seeking to change their child from gay to straight is guilty of child abuse.  There are many examples of psychological child abuse.  Often children are removed from their homes in these cases.  Please explain to me how telling your gay child that he/she is broken, an abomination, a sinner, and condemned to an eternity of infernal suffering if they do not change not akin to other forms of psychological abuse?  These people should face criminal charges, yet they do not.  Why?  Because this type of abuse gets a free pass because of religion.  How sad is that?  Groups like PFOX are an abomination.

I have written on many occasions that now is the time to speak out against bigotry of this sort.  The election in November will have huge social consequences.  The number of people who believe as Ms. Harvey and PFOX do is much larger than people realize.  They are not a fringe group.  They are numerous and are powerfully backed by the Christian Right.  This cannot be our future.  I urge everyone, atheist and theist alike who finds the views presented by Ms. Harvey and PFOX to speak out against them when they can.  Perhaps this should not be a “Day of Silence” after all…

Thanks for Reading.  I look forward to your comments.

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6 thoughts on “Unabashed Christian Fundamentalist Bigotry

  1. Joe from Eugene, OR, United States

    Sigh, the thing people — religious or not — seem loathe to discuss: children do have a sexuality and a sexual orientation. I didn't know what gay was until i was a teen but i remember having same-sex crushes, attachments, etc. from like the age of 6! And yes, images in the media or society or insults i overhead i picked up they were talking about people like me. I've talked to plenty of other LGBT folks who have had similar experiences.

    Many of us learned to silence ourselves WAY younger than high school :-(

    Day of Silence is a wonderful event. It helps teach young LGBT folks to stick up for themselves, lets them know they are not alone and they also have allies. I don't even know how to describe the pain that comes from having such a huge chunk of society constantly say you, a young child!, are sick and/or evil for simply loving someone in the supposedly wrong way. Meanwhile, DOS also often serves as a valuable mentoring tool to help empower the next generation of LGBT activists and community leaders…. which is probably why Harvey hates the day so much.

    The sad thing, in many ways i think she is right that LGBT behavior does conflict with Biblical Values. One extremely frequent theme from page 1 to the end is an obsessive control over bloodlines, fertility, and sexuality. Of course anyone who only took a precursory look at what we now know about humans knows that this is a REALLY unhealthy way to live.

    But then we're back to that whole Faith vs evidence issue, and we all know where that goes! :-P

    As an aside, "transgender person, because even for a Christian Fundy, you have HUGE balls." I know you have nothing against trans people and mean well, but this comment does really come off sounding hurtfully anti-trans rather than anti-Harvey. (i can speak more to this if you aren't sure why)

  2. fester60613 from Binghamton, NY, United States

    Behold – Ms. Harvey exercising her "Religious Freedom". She's thoroughly disgusting.

  3. Uncle Glenny from Bedford, MA, United States

    A couple quick points (only half through reading – must have dinner!)

    - For some context, I'm 55 and pretty much came out fully a little over 20 years ago (as in largely making sure I was visible so was "counted"). Also queer nation, ngltf activity, email; that sort of thing.

    - So it's been amazing to watch the bigots (Harvey's claims are *precious*) develop the language of victimhood over the years. (Early 1990s: "I'm offended by her alternative lifestyle." Some kerfuffle about trying to get a lesbian teacher fired – I think in Massachusetts.) But the sheer mendacity and stridency of it as it's developed over the last several years (in all "culture wars" areas) is, well, unreal. It gives real significance to the term "peak wingnut."

    - I'd never heard of Spitzer before. I doubt his claims will go away though; Paul Cameron is still being used as a source, albeit generally without attribution.

    1. reasonbeing from Rochester, MN, United States Post author

      Thanks for the comment Uncle Glenny. It is funny you mention Spitzer not going away…his work/name are still all over PFOX's website. I suppose they are going to just ignore his renunciation. The language of the Christian Right towards things they oppose has become very strident in recent years. I too have noticed that change.


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