To the Catholic Leadership…. “F*ck Off”

The Catholic Church and Its War on America

I am in a foul mood today.  I did not have the time to write a post yesterday, which annoyed me.  To make matters worse, recent comments and news regarding the Catholic Church has really gotten my dander up.  As my regular readers know, it is not often that I curse in my posts.  Today is one of those “not often days”.  The other day I wrote a post discussing the monarchical qualities of the Catholic Church.  One of the key features of an absolute monarchy is to be able to act in whatever manner they see fit.  The Conference of Bishops is continually pushing that envelope.  They believe, like most absolute monarchies, that they can do so with impunity.  Their attacks this week are on unsurprisingly on Obama and same-sex marriage and wait for it…..The Girl Scouts.  One of the key ingredients of a democracy is the ability to criticize and remove support from any group.  It is time for the Catholic Church to receive a large “Fuck Off” from its members and from our society as a whole.

It should come as a surprise to no one that the Bishops spoke out against Obama’s stance for same-sex marriage.  What is worth noting is the way in which they did it.  Cardinal Dolan has stated:

“The Bishops “cannot be silent in the face of words or actions that would undermine the institution of marriage, the very cornerstone of our society,” he said in a May 9 statement. “The people of this country, especially our children, deserve better.” (Catholic News Agency)

This statement is flawed for a few reasons.  First, Dolan has proven on numerous instances that he is poorly educated in American History.  He would not understand a “cornerstone of our society” if he walked into it.  Cardinal Dolan needs to educate himself.  He needs to learn that true cornerstones of our society include equality for all and a guarantee of basic civil and human rights.  A true cornerstone of our nation is a protection against a religion like his forcing its dogma/doctrines on the rest of us.  A true cornerstone of our nation is the collection of taxes—you have to pay to play—the Church should start paying.  The Church is not interested in promoting American values, but rather wants to replace them with Catholic values.  They need to hear a collective “fuck off” from the American citizenry—Catholics included.

The second part of Dolan’s statement that is troubling is his mention of what is best for our children.  He has some huge cajones to discuss the word children and benefit in the same sentence.  Cardinal do you know who our children deserve better from?  The Catholic Church.  Our children deserve better than to be raped countless times by Priests. Our children deserve better than to be shamed against coming forward against their attackers.  Our Children deserve better than to believe anything you have to say.  When it comes to any issue involving the care of children they Church needs to hear a very loud “Fuck Off”.

The criticism does not stop with Cardinal Dolan.  Naturally, Catholic organizations have also weighed in.  One comment struck me as particularly absurd.  According to the Catholic News Agency, Matt Smith, the president of Catholic Advocate, “…warned that if Obama’s advocacy for same-sex “marriage” succeeds, “Catholic institutions could be forced once again to violate our beliefs.”  What is he talking about?  How in the world does the act of two gay people getting married force Catholics to violate their beliefs?  This is insanity.  It is also further proof that the Catholic Church does not, in any way, understand how a democracy functions.  You guessed it…. “Fuck Off”.

The Girl Scouts.  The USCCB is launching an “official investigation” into the freaking Girl Scouts.  (The information used for this blog come from a Huffington Post article that you can read here).  The Church may have an issue with some of the material that is being taught to the girls, as well as, some of the material they hand out.  The Church is also very concerned that the organization is associating with groups whose views conflict with the Church’s.  By now two questions have probably formed in your head: Why is this happening? And what groups?  The answer to the first question is that many Scout troops are sponsored by their local Catholic Church.  The answer to the second question is Doctors without Borders, The Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood and Oxfam—because these groups support contraception and family planning.  The Church is opposed to the work of these four groups for absolutely foolish reasons.  Perhaps an underlying reason for their disapproval is the fact that those groups are more effective than any Catholic ministry in providing those services.  Once again, to the Church—“Fuck Off”.

I know that we are not supposed to believe that a “war on women” is occurring from the Right and various religious groups, but let’s get serious.  What right does the Catholic Church have to “officially investigate” the Girl Scouts?  The Girl Scouts are concerned about this investigation for one reason: 25% of their membership is Catholic.  They would not be able to sustain a mass exodus of girls.  The Church is more or less attempting to dismantle an organization that teaches young girls how to be leaders.  The Church does not want strong women.  The Church does not want women who can think for themselves.  The Church does not want young women who support basic human rights, such as contraception.  The Church is waging a war on women.  It is time to stock up on Girl Scout cookies…  The Church has moved its “war on women” to a “war on pre-pubescent girls”—this requires you all to say it with me…. “Fuck Off”.

Ophelia Benson has written about this topic on her blog.  I want to point out one of her statements that I support fully, “I feel murderous. I want to make the USCCB a universal pariah”.   I could not agree with her more.  The USCCB is on the warpath—a path that I believe that must be opposed at every turn.  We cannot allow ourselves, our friends, families, or pretty much anyone else to forget that the Catholic Church is an absolute monarchy.  They are not interested in a pluralistic society.  They are only concerned with furthering their own ends.

Under the leadership of Benedict and Dolan (in the U.S.) the fervor to achieve those ends has increasingly moved towards the extremist or fundamentalist side of the spectrum.  There is little doubt that the Church is aware of its plummeting attendance and is taking a cue from the successes of the various Evangelical Protestant sects.  The Church has always made political comments from the pulpit.  It is rare that it will so boldly challenge a sitting President.  It is rare that it will so boldly enter the political fray.  There is a problem with this, and I alluded to it earlier—you must pay to play.  If the Church is going to wade this far into politics, if the Church is going to function as a major litigator and lobbyer, if the Church is going to blatantly support one candidate over another—it is time for it to lose its tax exempt status.

In short, the Catholic Church is waging a “War on America”.  They are actively seeking to redefine the First Amendment and to deny rights and equality to numerous groups.  They are waging a war on everything this country stands for.  It is time for people to stand up against the leadership of the Catholic Church.  The Bishops and Pope may think that they are an absolute monarchy—they certainly act that way.  However, they are failing to understand a key ingredient of that type of that type of political system.  Those systems work because the monarch has the use of force to ensure obedience.  The Church does not.  It is quite clear that the majority of Catholics do not support many of the policies, dogma, or doctrines of the Church. It is time, in my opinion, that they walk away forever.  I realize that is not likely to happen but it is time that they speak up.  It is time that they boycott their Sunday services.  It is time that they support the principles of human decency, civil rights, human rights, and democracy.  The leadership of the Church must be challenged—and it will be.  However, those challenges will be far more effective if they come from within.  To all of the moderate Catholics who do not like being referred to as “sheep”—here is your chance to do something about it.  Please join me and the many secularists who are already saying it—-“Fuck Off”.

Thanks for Reading.  I look forward to your comments.

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15 thoughts on “To the Catholic Leadership…. “F*ck Off”

  1. fester60613 from Binghamton, NY, United States

    I agree 100%! Fuck off just isn't strong enough.
    What I don't understand is why the church has switched from the open door / connect with people philosophy that the the nuns have taken up since Vatican II and this horrific antiwoman / antigay / misanthropic / antihuman / ultraconservative bullshit. To what purpose? It's merely driving people away from the church.
    And I don't even have to mention the conspiracy to cover up child molesters. I think that is the single strongest reason people are fleeing the church.

  2. Hitchenchild from Boynton Beach, FL, United States

    It is time to start fighting the repulsive Catholickass church in & on every front. They are an affront to Humanity

  3. Hitchenchild from Boynton Beach, FL, United States

    I'd like to propose it…. even though I know it's unlikely to happen…. but it's time to RAZE the Catholic church to the ground. It is my ambition to see the church's destruction in my own lifetime…. and the GUILTY parties PUNISHED!

  4. Hausdorff from Los Angeles, CA, United States

    Fuck Yeah!!

    Honestly, I thought the child abuse scandal and the way it was handled would have been enough to get most catholics to bail. But for some reason, even with more and more reasons piling up they still have plenty of people sticking with it. I guess maybe they think anyone still around will stay through anything.

  5. rblevy from Philippines

    The Church has no standing to interfere in political matters. If it continues these activities, it should be stripped of its tax exemption and required to register as a lobbyist organization. As time goes by, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the United States is behaving more and more likes its counterpart in the Philippines. The latter has just about turned the Philippines into a theocracy . Obviously The CBCUS wants to do likewise to America.

    1. sbj1964 from Mobile, AL, United States

      I agree rblevy,and would take that statment one step futher.I think all faiths should be stripped of their tax free status just here in America churches are an estimated $24 billion(+) dollar a year cash cow.Time for the faithful to pay they're fair share.

  6. Sue Blue from Carson, WA, United States

    How about "Fuck off and die." Or, "I hope you all get fucked in every orifice by a pissed-off porcupine, repeatedly, and at least ten times for every kid you've raped, every gay person you've deprived of basic human rights and happiness, and every person the church has deprived of their lives through ignorance, bigotry and all-around asshattery, throughout the last 1.75 millenia. Oh, and may the robes of every priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal, and the Poop himself explode into flames that can't be put out and may the Vatican go broke distributing all its ill-gotten wealth to the poor people of the world it has bilked of their hard-earned money. This is my wish, and fuck you all very much, you pointy-hat-wearing assholes.

    1. sbj1964 from Mobile, AL, United States

      I too seldom use the F@ck word,but at times like this it seems fittting.Well done my friend.

  7. Hitchenchild from United States

    Just this morning, I read that the Catholickass church in Australia has come out with a staement for women…. ''Women, stop being so choosey when picking a man to marry''. In Australia, where women outnumber men by a huge proportion, women are waiting till they're into their 30's to get married, thereby, not producing enough young Catholics for the Fucking church, to indoctrinate. So the DISGUSTING church is asking women to lower their standards for the sake of said FUCKING church, and marry anyone, for the sake of having more children! Again, FUCK YOU, fucking Catholick church…… Are you afraid you'll run out of little boys to fuck? Please, just Dissappear, no one will miss you!!!!

  8. Hitchenchild from United States

    On this 'Mother's Day' i have one thing to thank my mother for in particular……. Thank you Mom, for not making me a Catholick


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