Pastor Beats his Daughter, Congregation Supports & Excuses Him

Another Example of Why Religion is Toxic

By now, many of you may be familiar with the story of Creflo Dollar.  If not, here is a brief summary of his story.  He is a Christian pastor of the World Changers Church International in Georgia with a congregation of around 30,000—no small time church for this guy.  He is currently being investigated for abusing his daughter.  It seems that he and his daughter got into an argument.  He then choked her, threw her to the ground, punched her, and hit her with his shoe.  His daughter called 911.  If this story turns out to be true, and there is already some backpedaling from his daughter on her story, Dollar is a vile human being (aside from this debacle, he also preaches the prosperity gospel, which is pure filth).  Any rational person would condemn him for what he did.  He should be locked up, his kids placed in protective care, and his pew empty.  We will have to wait to see what happens on the first two scenarios.  However, this post is not really about Dollar, but is about his followers.  The pews are not empty.

The Christian Post had an article up the other day titled, Hundreds Defend Creflo Dollar after Alleged Assault on Daughter.  Many of you might be thinking WTF?  I would like to say that I am surprised, but sadly I am not.  My regular readers will know that I believe that Christianity is stain on humanity—a virus to be wiped out.  There are many reasons I feel that way, stories like this are near the top of the list.  You might think that the people who are defending Dollar are saying things like, “we should wait until the full story is known” or “let’s hold off judgment until we get all the facts” or “the courts will take care of this”.  Nope—I would be okay with that.  The defenders of Dollar are actually excusing his behavior…

Here is a quote from the article:

“I support my pastor fully! My 12 year old is already going through the terrible teens and I full understand how this situation can happen. Shame on the daughter for not following his word at no, then becoming combative and calling the police to embarrass her father. I will be praying that they get everything straightned (sic) out,” Leslie Ayo commented.

I often write that I try to respect people, but not their ideas.  I save my personal condemnations for religious leaders and a select few.  I am breaking that rule.  Ms. Ayo, you are a fool.  If I had any say in the matter, your son would be in protective custody at this moment.  You are not fit to be a parent.  The “terrible teens” is not a reason to beat your child.  In fact there is no reason to ever do so.

Here is another example of the support Creflo is receiving:

“Pastor, I support you, because throught (sic) the Lord, you have taught me more about my walk with the Lord than anyone else. And we have to discipline our children no matter what anyone else thinks or believe,” said Janet Jenkins-Rodriguez on the Creflo Dollar Ministries Facebook page.

Ms. Jenkins-Rodriguez, you are deluded, and also not fit to be a parent.  Here is an idea, skip your “walk with the Lord” and learn how to discipline your kid(s) without beating him/her/them.

The lunacy does not stop there:

Wanda Espinosa also commented, “Stop Judgement (sic) on Pastor Creflo Dollar for he is a very good father and husband…We are Christians we need not Judge but let God take care of this…His daughter disrespected him when he told her she could not go to that party …teens are running wild with the thought that they could get away with everything in this world..he is just a father trying to protect his daughter.”

No Ms. Espinosa.  We will judge Mr. Dollar (we should wait until all of the facts are known).  We will not wait for a non-existent god to do so.  His actions are abhorrent.  They should be sickening to any rational person.  He will be judged here, on this planet, and hopefully punished accordingly.  A father trying to protect his daughter does not strangle, throw, punch, and beat her.

One of my major problems with religion is that it seems to give people a free pass to act like monsters.  The idea that we should not judge, the idea that a non-existent deity will do the judging for us after we die is pure and utter nonsense—for several reasons.  If we do not judge, then society falls apart and crime becomes an epidemic.  The idea that “god” will judge us is a cop out.  There is no god.  You are accountable to the rest of society for your actions, not to some fairy in the sky.

It is typical Christian hypocrisy to beg us all to not judge Pastor Dollar.  Are these same Christians not judging homosexuals?  Are these same Christians not constantly judging other people’s sins?  Are these same Christians the ones who judge me as an atheist and have the nerve to say that atheists must be immoral?

This one story—all alone—is a great example of lack of morality present in Christianity.  Dollar’s actions were not moral.  His followers, blind support of him is not moral.  Religious morality is nothing more than an excuse for the religious to act immorally when it suits their desires.

The suffering of this one 15 year old girl is a small microcosm of the virus that is Christianity.  It is time we eradicate that virus.

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19 thoughts on “Pastor Beats his Daughter, Congregation Supports & Excuses Him

  1. Loren Miller from Bedford, OH, United States

    Someone explain to me WHY this man gets a pass for no other reason than being associated with a form of superstition. Were he involved in any other profession, he'd be arrested and charged and treated no differently than any other abusive parent. Apparently, he can hide behind the whole "spare-the-rod-and-spoil-the-child" crap which the bible spews. A good thing she wasn't too rebellious. Her father might have gathered his congregation together and stoned her to death.

    This. Is. INEXCUSABLE.


    It seems religion is an excuse to oppress women, gain power, create division, and murder, but good for you who find inner peace in all that.
    – Ginger-ish, from Twitter

  2. matt greenberg from Norristown, PA, United States

    let's "pray" she's not a lesbian. if she is, she'll never make it out of that household alive.

    i will be curious to know if there is some legal charge that falls on him. there is no good reason, sans religion freedom (cough) for him not to be.

  3. slrman from João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

    Religion has always demanded a free ride on most things, taxes, respect, telling the truth, being decent people and respecting the rights of others, the list goes on.

    This creep belongs in jail and the people supporting him are only feeding their own delusions and demonstrating how smugly arrogant they are in their sick beliefs.

  4. Cephus from Redlands, CA, United States

    This is certainly nothing new. The religious have come out in support of most heinous things that their leaders have done, you have Catholics being fully behind their pedophile priests and let's not forget that moron who thought gays should be locked away until they died. His congregation was supportive of him as well. The problem here is that these people have so much emotionally invested in their beliefs that they dare not allow anything to ever be wrong with them, including the leaders who pass the message along. No matter what the leaders do, lie, cheat, steal, molest or kill, there will always be a certain percentage of their followers who will defend them to the end. This is the psychological damage caused by faith, it makes people stop thinking independently.

    Or in far too many cases, at all.

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    1. Cephus from Redlands, CA, United States

      I'm sure they would, but luckily, at least in the Western world, religion has been moderated by secular society. We don't allow religion to get away with the things they tried just a hundred or so years ago. It has never been religion that has moderated it's own behavior, that control has always had to come from the outside.

      1. reasonbeing from Rochester, MN, United States Post author

        Good points vjack and Cephus. The only reason we do not see more outrageous acts of violence at the hands of religion is because they are no longer the dominant force in our social/political life in the Western World….though we do not have to go back that far to see what things looked like when they were.

  6. James R. Johnson from Netanya, HaMerkaz, Israel

    Choking, beating, hitting with some object are all punishments that should be condemned. But corporal punishment is 100% necessary when raising children. Many times I have seen children run wild in stores while their parents look helplessly on. A quick smack on the bottom and no treats for a week will straighten the little demons out quickly. The main thing lacking in todays children is respect. They are not taught respect for authority, for their parents or for themselves.

  7. Sue Blue from White Swan, WA, United States

    There's a pretty simple concept I've always followed when it comes to getting physical: If it would get you arrested if you did it to a stranger on the street, don't do it to your family members. Even though you might feel like it, you can't legally smack, spank, slap, paddle or punch the waitress who brings you the wrong food, the prick who cuts you off in traffic, the street-corner preacher who won't shut up, or any of the obnoxious adult assholes that all of us encounter every day, so why would you think you can and should do it to your children? Kids learn by example. If they are taught that the only way to curb undesirable behavior is with physical violence, what do you think they learn? Might does NOT make right – violence is the knee-jerk reaction of the undisciplined, the lazy, the stupid, and the tyrant.


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