I’m Tired….

I am tired of hearing that the U.S. was founded as a Christian Nation.  It was not.  If you are unclear on this start reading your history (avoid books by David Barton).

I am tired of the misuse of the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion clauses.  People need to understand that one key aspect of that is freedom FROM religion.  You have the right to practice your religion (within reason, I believe human sacrifices and polygamy will be disallowed).  You do not have the right to force your religious beliefs on others.  This to me is the crux of the whole HHS Mandate issue.

I am tired of some theists trying to equate “faith” with “reason”.  They are not the same thing.  Faith is not a path to knowledge.  Faith exists where there is no evidence.  Reason demands evidence.  If we have evidence for a premise, we no longer need to take anything on faith.

I am tired of some theists implying that science uses faith.  Starting with a premise that one thinks is true and conducting the necessary experiments to either prove or disprove that premise does not require faith.  There is a difference.

I am tired of some theists stating that because I am not a scientist, I must take all scientific discoveries on faith.  That is a foolish statement.  The scientists have vetted themselves.  Further, the world of science is open to all.  Any one of us could learn the required knowledge and conduct the experiments ourselves, if we choose to do the work.  However, that too would be foolish.  We cannot all be or want to be scientists.

I am tired of the rampant misogyny that exists within many branches of religion.  It is time for our species to move past this.  Anything that holds us back on this front hurts us all.  Often times, that is religion.

I am tired of the bigotry that many religions promote, be it anti-homosexual, anti-other religions, anti-atheist, anti-whatever.  As a general rule, religion fosters more hate than anything else on this planet.  That needs to stop.  There are many religious people who reject the bigotry of their faiths.  It is time that they speak up.

I am tired of the idea that, at least in the U.S., patriotism and Christianity seem to be tied together.  One does not need to be Christian to be patriotic.

I am tired of the respect given to men simply because they are a religious figure.  Being a minister, priest, rabbi, or imam should not be a guarantor of respect.  Respect needs to be earned.  Many ministers and priests are not worthy of respect.  Resect the person if they earn it, not because of what religion they represent.

I am tired of many religions claiming to be authorities on subjects they have no expertise in.  Ex: Catholic priests on sex and marriage.  Seeing as how they are forbidden from either practice, how can they possibly be authorities on either?

I am tired of people citing the bible as a reason for anything.  Like it or not, it is a multi-millennia old book.  Society has changed.  Even if the book is the word of god, or inspired by god (which I firmly believe it is not) what this deity had to say to uneducated peasants several thousand years ago, would still be irrelevant today.

This list could go on, but I need to go to work.  Perhaps I will finish it at a later time.  One thing is certain.  I may be tired of the above things, but I am motivated, strongly to keep fighting against them.  I may be tired of hearing the above nonsense, but I am not now, nor ever will I ever tire in the fight against them.

Thanks for Reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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5 thoughts on “I’m Tired….

  1. Loren Miller from Bedford, OH, United States

    Religion is irrational, period. It is not based in fact and never was, yet because it has a long history, it has tried to associate itself with something which IS rational and successful, which is why you get that crap about faith and reason having a positive relationship when the two concepts are utterly antithetical to each other. Since faith deals mostly with talk, I think some of its proponents figure if they talk enough, they can talk their way out of the conundrum they now find themselves in.

    The problem is that eventually, behind the talk, there has to be real, genuine, reliable substance, and religion has none. When the day comes that the rest of the world figures out what atheists have: that there is no substance to religion, it will fall of its own weight.


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