Akin and the GOP on Women

Todd Akin is not a “Lone Wolf”

By now you are all familiar with Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks regarding “legitimate abortion”.  There is no need to rehash the complete and utter ignorance of that statement.  In my opinion, Akin has demonstrated that he does not have the mental faculties required to hold elected office.

I see a major problem with the fallout from his statements.  We have heard from numerous different sources that many Republican leaders are trying to force him to abandon his race for Senate.  At first glance, this is something that we would want to celebrate.  Once we dig a bit deeper, we realize that there really is nothing to celebrate here at all.

GOP leaders are calling for Akin to abandon the race because they feel he can no longer win.  The Missouri Senate seat is instrumental to the GOP’s plan to take over control of the Senate.  This is what they are concerned about.  They are not at all concerned about the substance of what he said.  Why is that?  Because they believe exactly as he does.  We learn from Akin’s “apology”—which really wasn’t an apology—that he meant to say use the word “forced” instead of “legitimate”.  This only leads to the same problems, but not as bluntly.

Akin, like many of his cohorts on the Religious Right believe pseudo-science and what I will now call pseudo-doctors who attempt to prove that a “woman’s body has ways of dealing with that…”  What nonsense.  Akin, and the many other like him, have no idea how the human body works.  Worse, they think they do, and they think they are correct.

Second, what the hell is “forced rape”?  Or perhaps the better question to ask is: what the hell is “unforced rape”?  The term “forced rape” is redundant.  All rape is forced.  As President Obama said yesterday, “rape is rape”.  I agree.  There is no need to add any qualifier to the definition of rape.  This is an important question for us (sadly) to deal with.  Why you ask?  Because GOP VP pick Paul Ryan co-authored a bill with Akin using that language.  They are not the only ones who support the idea that “forced rape” is somehow different than “rape” and that abortion is wrong even when a rape has occurred.   227 other Republicans signed on to the bill.    They bill seeks to prevent federal funding for abortions of in cases of incest (unless the person is a minor) or in cases of rape (unless it is a “forced rape”).

Akin is not a lone wolf in his beliefs.

Romney and Ryan have tried to distance themselves from this mess.  Romney may be able to do so.  One of his spokespersons, Amanda  Henneberg, stated yesterday, “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.”  In truth, I do not recall Romney ever holding an opposing viewpoint, someone correct me if I am wrong please.

Ryan cannot distance himself so easily.  In fact, he cannot distance himself at all seeing as how he proposed a bill to do just that.  We should not let him succeed in his attempts to distance himself from Akin.  Many columnists have written that his voting record is identical, on all bills to Akin’s.  They are the same person , at least politically.

The Republican Party, with its bedmates of the Religious Right is out of control.  They have zero respect for women or women’s rights.  How many stories of this nature need to come to light before U.S. women realize that?  (Please recall the numerous misogynistic comments made during the Republican Primary process).  How can any woman in this country vote Republican?  The only answer that I can come up with is cognitive dissonance, of which there seems to be no shortage of in the U.S.  It is time for the people of the U.S. to wake up and realize what is happening.  People need to realize the damage that the relationship between the Religious Right and the GOP is perpetrating on and threatens to further inflict on our society.

The only groups that have thrown their support behind Akin are groups from the Religious Right such as the Family Research Council (FRC) and Bryan Fischer’s nonsensical  American Family Association (AFA).  This alone should speak volumes regarding where the rich, powerful, and religious extremists want to take our country.

Wake up America and realize what is happening to the GOP and to our country.  We cannot let the current extreme right wing and extreme religious views to continue to influence the policies of our country.  They do not represent most of us—theist or atheist, and cannot be allowed to shape the way we live our lives.

I have yet to hear one person (other than Religious Right nutjobs) condone Akin’s view.  I am asking you all to use the same critical thinking skills you employed to come to the conclusion that “forced/legitimately raped women do not get pregnant, because the body has ways of dealing with that” is a bullshit statement on some of their other ideas.  These are the same people who are using the same type of pseudo-science from the same type of pseudo-experts to reject climate change, evolution, cosmology/physics, etc.  They are not educated on the real facts.  Ask yourself why just about every credible scientific expert in the relevant field strongly opposes their views.  If you do this honestly you will come to realize the only answer is that they have no idea (like Akin and reproduction) what they are talking about.

For those of you who do not know, Akin actually sits on the House Committee on Science, Space, and technology.  Does it seem to you that he has any expertise on matters of science if he feels that a woman’s body “has ways of dealing” with a rape induced pregnancy?  Of course he doesn’t—and neither do any of the other objectors to what modern science is telling us.  Please also bear in mind that that the Ryan Budget seeks to cut spending on science and technology by 24% of what they were in 2010…which is already much lower than what we were spending in the 1990’s.  These people are not looking toward our future.

Wake up my fellow citizens before you elect a group of people who will lead us, not forward into a new age of scientific advancement, but rather to a dark age—an age which seeks to undermine much of what our species has learned and has accomplished.  They are not looking for equality for women.  They are seeking to establish a dark age for women, reminiscent of centuries past—an age where a woman does not have control over own body—even when raped.

Update to Post:  See I really wasn’t lying, exaggerating or joking.  This just in: G.O.P Approves Strict Anti-Abortion Language in Party Platform

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6 thoughts on “Akin and the GOP on Women

  1. Loren Miller from Bedford, OH, United States

    It was amazing (as well as sickening) to see Romney and Ryan denounce Todd Akin in unison on the news. What was left largely unstated is that the correlation between Akin's policies and those of the GOP presidential ticket approach unity.

    Akin was an embarrassment because his statement forces a reminder of what has been a GOP platform plank since 1976: criminalization of abortion under ALL circumstances, including rape and incest. That plank is one which the republicans would likely prefer to be kept under the radar and might have stayed that way, had Akin not opened his yap and distracted Mitt and Paul from the jobs-jobs-jobs theme which they've been pressing to this point. Now it has the opportunity to become fodder for further news discussions, questions in the field and just possibly, a point on the coming presidential debates.

    Now that this particular horse is out of the barn, it's time to let him run a bit and make certain people know it's out there, much as the republicans would get in back in the barn and out of sight.

  2. Lifeartist1 from Northbrook, IL, United States

    Akin is a manifestation of the religious fascists of the Republican Party. They want a Christian totalitarian state. Their contempt for women is part of their agenda. They have even questioned the right of women to vote.

    I know comparisons to Hitler have been overused, but when he came to power, the first rights revoked under his regime were the rights of woman. Women's rights have always been easily discarded so no one paid much attention.

    "Women's Issues", which are so derided in this country, are the canaries in the coal mine. The attack on the rights of women is the precursor of their intentions if they have power. Women's issues are human issues. What women will suffer in such a state, all will suffer.

    1. Loren Miller from Bedford, OH, United States

      I think it may be even worse than that, Lifeartist – it may be the evidence of the near-total co-option of the republican party by the Religious Reich. I would imagine that John Hagee and Pat Robertson are creaming in their pants to see what is happening in the GOP with women's rights now, never mind the current "Personhood" putsch. These used to be under-the-radar issues and now they're coming out into the public eye.

      And that is our cue to STOMP ON 'EM.


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