Facts…Who Needs Them?

Lies, Deceit, and Politics

Hi all, I am back from the last trip that I need to take for a while.  While I was away I had some time to think about the current political scene here in the U.S.  Regular readers of my blog will note that I tend to be pretty liberal.  It is important for me to point out that I am not a huge Obama fan.  There are many things that he has done or not done that annoy me almost as much as some of the policies that come from the right.  I turned 18 in 1993, since then, I have voted on both sides of the aisle.  I must admit that most of my votes to the right are in local elections and not on the national level.   I really try to look at each candidate, evaluate the facts of the issues, and cast my vote.  If, that means my vote goes to the right (or left), so be it.  I consider myself a left leaning independent.  It will not surprise any of my readers to know that I currently very much despise much of what the Republican Party stands for.

With all of this in mind, I have come to a personal conclusion.  While I disagree with many of the issues on the platforms of the right, that is not what I find most offensive at this date.  What bothers me the most is the lying, deceiving, and outright ignoring of facts that seem to be coming to us in a continuous stream from GOP candidates.  I can disagree with proposed policies of the right and still have a rational discussion with someone who holds those views.  I cannot have that same rational discussion, when the person I am talking with is not interested in facts.

The GOP, in this election, seems to me, to have gone insane with its blatant refusal to deal with reality.  By now, many of you will know of Romney pollster Neil Newhouse’s comments that the “Romney campaign will not be dictated by fact checkers”.  Wait what?  You will also by now know that many of the speeches at the GOP convention were riddled with lies, deceit, and false facts.  This has been well documented, and I do not need to elaborate on it here.

This is a huge problem for me.  How we people support a party that is more or less acknowledging that they are not interested in facts?  How can people support a party that is lying to the American people—and is not really denying it?  Where does this leave our government?  What will happen to this country if we elect a party that won its election by lying?  Should we expect that once in office the facts will then become important to them?  Can we expect them to treat with the American people honestly?  My answer to the last two questions is “no”.

The GOP is not interested in the facts of climate change, the facts that outline the dangers of anti-scientific stances, the facts of how tax laws will effect lower income people, the facts regarding the “war on women”, the facts regarding foreign policy, the facts regarding our current economic mess, or really any other facts.  In essence, they have created a straw man Obama to run against.  This is a huge problem.  By all means, disagree with Obama’s policies if you choose, but your arguments need to be based in reality and facts—not on an “empty chair”.  I found Clint Eastwood’s speech to perhaps be the most honest of all the speakers at the GOP convention.  Not because of what he said, he was full of shit, but rather, because it was the most prolific example of the fact that they are running against a caricature—a fictional Obama who does not exist.

Trust in government is at an extremely low level in this country.  This is problematic.  Our democracy needs to have some element of trust in our leaders if we are to function properly.  The voting public needs to understand and know what they are voting on.  When one party has thrown all of this in the garbage, we have a problem.  When propaganda becomes more important than the truth, we have a problem.  This is what I am seeing from the GOP.  It terrifies me.

So yes, I will be voting Democrat across the board this November.  However, I do not agree with everything the Dems stand for.  I am also not naive enough to believe that everything that comes from the left is factual.  However, it is clear that there is more fact checking on the Left than the Right.  I would urge all of my fellow Americans citizens to ask themselves one very important question: What is more important to you, voting for someone or party who deals with reality and facts or voting for someone or a party who seems to place no value on those things?

To answer the question in my title,” Facts…Who needs them?”  I do, and I certainly hope that you do as well.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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3 thoughts on “Facts…Who Needs Them?

  1. rblevy from Manila, Manila, Philippines

    The Republican's stated goal as per Senate Minority Mitch McConnell has been to make Obama a one term president by any means necessary including blocking economic recovery for the country. And that's exactly what they've done. So it's difficult to understand why Obama let himself and the country get screwed over by chasing vainly after bipartisanship when he's already been put on notice the GOP would do anything to sink him.


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