“Paging President Obama…Don’t you know there’s a debate tonight?”

Obama’s Lack of Preparation

As many of you know, I am voting for Obama this election. Please note that I used the word “voting” and not “supporting”.  That is for a reason.  There is much I dislike about Obama—in all areas, some of what he has done, some of what he has failed to do, some of what he doesn’t seem to want to do, and some of what he does want to do.  I am voting for him, as I see him and the Dems as the “lesser evil” of two parties that I don’t really like.  However, I don’t want to talk policy in this post.  I want to focus solely on the theater of the debate, how it looked, regardless of what either candidate stated.

The question I have is really quite simple:  What the hell was Obama doing?  He did not look comfortable.  He continuously had that smirk on his face.  While Romney ran over Lehrer, Obama seemed eager for Lehrer to interrupt the debate…at any time…almost like he was trying to stop the bleeding.  Why was Obama continuously nodding his head when Romney was attacking him?  It looked like he was assenting.  Lastly and most importantly, Obama looked woefully unprepared.

Obama did not appear ready for this debate at all.  He did not really attack Romney or his positions.  There were numerous opportunities for him to do so, and he did nothing.  Romney “flip-flopped” from previous positions several times alone last night.  Obama pointed it out once regarding taxes on wealthy, but failed to make any of that stick.  Romney correctly pointed out many of the unpopular parts of Obama’s plans and Obama did not seem to ready to defend those.  Did he really not anticipate those types of questions?  One example, when Obamacare IS Romneycare, which Obama tried to point out and I think failed, how the hell does Romney “win” that part of the debate?  There is no excuse for that.  How did Obama not bring up Romney’s 47% video?    I could go on and on, but I am sure that many of you watched the debate and there is no doubt that the political pundits will be doing that for days, so it is not necessary here.

The Dem spin on this of course is that Obama was being “Presidential” and didn’t want to be seen as attacking or aggressive.  He didn’t want to come across in any way that would appear unlikeable.  That too is nonsense.  Instead he came across as inadequate, and did nothing to encourage moderate Dems to head to the polls.

The biggest problem I had was that he came across as unprepared for this debate.  How the heck is that “presidential”.  These guys are vying for the job of President of one of the most powerful countries in the world, if not the most powerful.  Looking unprepared is not the way to go about getting any job, let alone one so important.  I found that quite disappointing.  Romney came out ready, with rehearsed answers, the most personality (non-robotic) we have ever seen him.  Sure, he was full of shit and the fact-checkers will be all over that in the next few days, but it doesn’t matter.  He looked the part.  He looked like a guy who was prepared for the interview.  Was he rude towards both Obama and Lehrer by interrupting?  Sure.  But people aren’t going to remember that.  What they are going to remember is that he kicked Obama’s ass because he was prepared, organized, seemed to grasp the importance of the moment, and clearly dominated the stage.  He took that stage over the same way Clinton did at DNC.  That is what people will remember.  Many have already forgotten or perhaps didn’t notice the errors or “flip-flops” in his words.  They will not forget the performance he gave.  Obama’s lack of preparation is quite simply unacceptable for a guy looking for a job as one of, if not the, most powerful person on the planet.

My thoughts…in a few days we will see new poll numbers.  I would not be surprised to see a whole new race from this point forward.  Romney was on the ropes, but may have managed to fight himself out of the corner.  Obama had better start taking Romney far more seriously if he wants to hang on to his job for the next four years.  Another disastrous debate like last night and he may be among the unemployed.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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One thought on ““Paging President Obama…Don’t you know there’s a debate tonight?”

  1. vjack from Hattiesburg, MS, United States

    I didn't watch the debate since the candidates I am interested in weren't allowed to participate. But the few clips of it I've seen in the news certainly made it look like your description was accurate. Obama looked tired and mildly confused at times. Romney seemed energized and assertive.


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