Secularists: Stand up & Demand Respect!

Cardinal Francis George: A Dangerous American

Many people really listen to what their local church leaders have to say.  These people are powerful influences.  When you take the size of the diocese or church into account, the amount of power wielded can change dramatically.  Today, we will see that Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, one of the U.S. largest cities is not only a liar, but a dangerous man.

The Cardinal is concerned about the growing trend of secularization in mainstream America.  As a religious leader, I can certainly understand his concern.  There is a growing secular movement, and George’s Catholic Church has much to lose.  With this in mind, I would certainly expect them to push for more converts, something that Pope Benedict has called for.  I get it.  It makes sense.  It is what I would do if I were in their position.

George is not doing only that though.  He is speaking out against secular Americans.  According to the Catholic News Agency in an article you can read here, George stated:

“…the “secularizing” of American culture is a “much larger issue” than political causes or the outcome of the presidential elections, warning against a rise of anti-religious sentiment and restating his fears of a future persecution in the United States.”

This is the statement of either a delusional person or a propagandist.  How can he possibly think that the secularizing of America is our biggest problem?  We have two parties who do not even pretend to work together running this country, lies have become the new political norm (which will kill democracy in the long run), an economy in shambles, soldiers overseas, poverty on the rise, a health care disaster, etc.  We are to believe that the fewer people in pews is our biggest problem?  George is either not living in reality or he is full of BS.  I vote for the latter, as there is no evidence to support the idea that he is mentally unbalanced.

The last six words of that quote are pure nonsense.  If there is one thing that will absolutely never happen in the U.S. it would be the persecution of Christians.  George is a lying and fear-mongering propagandist.  He feels that he better threaten his flock about what could happen if secularism is allowed to grow.  Apparently he is unaware of the general acknowledgement for social justice among those same secularists…  Then again, he is probably well aware of it, but would rather lie to his flock.

George continues his bullshitting with the following statement, “Secularism, he said, is just “communism’s better-scrubbed bedfellow.”  Right.  All of us secularists are also communists…  This is a lie that has been perpetrated by either the ignorant or the malicious for decades.  Once again George is either delusional or a propagandist.  Since I have every reason to believe that he has heard of people like Ayn Rand, he is once again a full of shit propagandist who is spreading lies about America’s secular Americans.  Communism is certainly still one of those buzz words that gets people riled up.  To apply it to secular Americans is attempting to do just that.

George has previously stated that, “I am (correctly) quoted as saying that I expected to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square,” the cardinal wrote”.  Yes naturally all of the social justice orientated secularist Americans will out for blood in no time…better lock your door…  What nonsense.  Seriously, outside of the Amish or Quakers, can you think of a group of people less likely to perpetrate civil violence and public murder than atheists?  No, you can’t.  The fact is that secular Americans and atheists are really no different than anyone else.  One could argue that many of us are in fact more moral than many people flying the banner of Christianity.

The idiot Cardinal (no he is not deserving of any respect from me or my ilk) tried to temper that nonsense statement by saying:

The cardinal said he was trying to express “in overly dramatic fashion” what the “complete secularization” of society could bring.


“What I said is not ‘prophetic’ but a way to force people to think outside of the usual categories that limit and sometimes poison both private and public discourse.

Ah yes, he was just being hyperbolic.  Let me be the first to call bullshit.  Oh sure, it was hyperbolic but the Cardinal never intended his audience to take it as such.  He is a propagandist and fear inducer.  He is purposefully trying to smear secular Americans.  At least have the guts to own your bullshit Cardinal.  The second sentence above is even more nonsensical.  He is worried about discourse becoming poisoned?  It would seem to me that the only person doing the poisoning in this story is the Cardinal.

Cardinal George went to say some other moronic things in the article, but I think you get the gist of what he is after.  This type of behavior by religious leaders cannot be tolerated by atheists or other secular Americans.  We cannot allow this type of smear campaign to continue without a response.  I find it curious that these types of statements come from the same people who continually beat the drum of “religious freedom”.  If we ever challenge one of their idiotic beliefs, we are infringing upon their religious freedom.  Yet, they do not hesitate, in fact they run to the pulpit to scream down and condemn those who disagree with them.  The hypocrisy is outrageous and sadly, I fear that most of my fellow U.S. citizens are blind to this.  Why?  They have drunk the Kool-Aid called faith.  They are prisoners of dogma in their own minds.

Cardinal George is a dangerous man.  He is seeking to achieve one thing: create fear and hate towards a group of people—secularists, people like me.  That can’t stand, and I think his precious Jesus would certainly disapprove.  The cardinal is right about one thing….secular Americans are on the rise.  It is time that he and other theists recognize that and change their tune.  They need to start seeing us for who we are.  We are their neighbors, mail carriers, accountants, grocers, teachers, policemen/women, doctors lawyers, contractors, etc.  We are Americans, just like everyone else and are entitled to the same respect.  It is time we stand up and demand it.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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2 thoughts on “Secularists: Stand up & Demand Respect!

  1. Wynn Horton from Lithonia, GA, United States

    He is using FEAR. I strongly believe the increase in the use of the word GOD and Have a Blessed DAy is due to our was with Islam and Islam's aggressiveness. Christians and Jews are getting scared of this aggression. But, I don't see many aggressive atheists!


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