Christianity: On the Wrong Side of History (again)

Homosexuals Deserve Equality.  Period.

Here in Minnesota there is quite a bit of drama regarding our Marriage Amendment.  For those of you not familiar with it, Christian Right Wingers are attempting to add an amendment to the MN Constitution stating that marriage is between a man and woman.  I haven’t seen any poll numbers recently on this topic, so I have no idea how close it is to passing…last I heard it was almost a guarantee.  I live in one of the more liberal areas of the state and am constantly amazed by the number of lawn signs I see supporting the amendment.

What is quite clear, at least from reading our local paper is that the people in town who support the amendment are either all religious, bat-shit crazy, or often both.  Every day, I open the opinion pages and check out what my fellow Duluthians have to say.  Every day, I put the paper down and shake my head in disgust.  Almost all of the anti-same sex marriage people cite something from the bible or Christianity.  Let me repeat, the bible or its credulity spawned religions are not a reason to do anything, at least until you can prove anything that the bible or Christianity states has any merit or validity.  It does not, so good luck with that.

The bible is nothing more than a poor attempt to create order among middle-eastern peasants thousands of years ago.  The stories are complete fiction—from Adam to Jesus.  Further, let us assume for a moment that the entire bible is true.  It would change nothing.  We do not use Bronzed Aged thinking to solve any other problems in today’s society (unless people are citing religion again).  We are not looking to the bible to fix our economy, figure out how to interact with other nations, provide health care to citizens, educate our young, etc.  It should not be used to decide social policy either. I realize that many Christians want to use the bible in those ways, but thankfully, we do not.

Another common quality shared by these letters is the idea that same-sex marriage will be devastating to our children.  This is once again pure bullshit.  Like it or not, the world has homosexuals.  Your child will be exposed to them soon, if they have already not had the pleasure.  Homosexual relationships are all around us–in public, on TV…everywhere.  Do you know what will hurt your kid?  Trying to shield them from reality, making them think that there is something “wrong” with homosexuals, continuing to pass the bigotry that you have on to them, those things will hurt your children as the rest of society moves forward.  By trying to prevent your children from interacting with homosexuals, you will hurt your children more than you realize.  You are on the losing side of history and will at some point be an embarrassment to your children.

A third trait is the idiotic statement that somehow same-sex marriage will weaken “traditional marriage”.  This is pure nonsense.  I have yet to hear one valid reason explaining to me how my marriage with my wife will be damaged if two men get married.  I have probably not heard a good reason because there are zero of them.

Another common theme is that homosexuals are and homosexuality is immoral.  It will lead to the destruction of civil society—or some such nonsense.  These claims are so far removed from even approaching reality, they are not worthy of a response here, but should be mentioned.

People who are opposed to same-sex marriage are on the wrong side of history.  This is our current “civil rights” issue.  Just like all of the civil rights battles before, there will be winners and losers.  The side that has voted to restrict rights has always been the loser.  This time will be no different.  I cannot possibly predict when homosexuals will be seen as equals and have the same rights nationally as heterosexual people, but it will happen.  Your grandchildren will be embarrassed by your stance against homosexuality in the same manner that many of us are embarrassed by our grandparents’ racism.  This will happen.  The people who oppose same sex marriage are an embarrassment to our society values of equality.

I am proud to say that if you are opposed to equal rights for homosexuals, that I do not have time for you in my life.  You are not worth a minute of (becoming more) valuable time.  If you are opposed to same-sex marriage, and at this point, I can comfortably say I have heard all of the arguments, even if I did not outline them here, then you are either a credulous and religious lackie who lacks critical thinking skills, a bigot, or as is often the case, both.  Either way, don’t expect my friendship…it won’t be offered.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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16 thoughts on “Christianity: On the Wrong Side of History (again)

  1. Loren Miller from United States

    The single thing which stands out to me more than anything else as regards the gay marriage issue and christianity is that it is such a bellwether of their failure to think for themselves. They hear about Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 from their pastor or priest and THAT'S IT. They can't or won't think for themselves, but swallow the bible's homophobia whole. Along with that they buy into the BS about the threat to traditional marriage, without realizing that this supposed threat has no substance behind it. They are TOLD it has substance, but never what that substance is.

    Once again, this is the trait of people who are DICTATED TO, who are spoon-fed what to believe, rather than thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions. Sad and frightening, all at once.

  2. Qwerty50 from Lewes, DE, United States

    I have to elaborate on your 4th paragraph. Some of those kids who might be "exposed to homosexuality" might be gay themselves. They may or may not realize it yet. But there's a lot more at stake here than learning that gay people exist. Young people who are starting to realize that they are gay are in for a rough time. Their culture condemns them. Their society actually votes on whether they should have the same rights as others. Then people sit around scratching their heads, not understanding why a young person would take their own life, or start using drugs or alcohol – all over something that the kid understands is just an intrinsic part of him/her.

  3. Jessica from Pittsburgh, PA, United States

    I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING you wrote here. Homosexuals deserve equal rights. There's no reason for them not to deserve the right to marriage. All the arguments against it are so stupid….and pretty much all religious. I can't think of a non-religious reason why gay marriage should be illegal.

  4. vjack from Hattiesburg, MS, United States

    There are so many great examples of fundamentalist Christians being on the wrong side of history, but this is definitely one of the big ones now. I am confident that gay marriage will become every bit as accepted as most of the other things fundamentalists oppose. It is too bad they cannot seem to learn from their experience.

  5. hausdorff from Troy, MI, United States

    "I cannot possibly predict when homosexuals will be seen as equals and have the same rights nationally as heterosexual people, but it will happen."

    Honestly, I think it's soon. The tide really seems to be turning, and when you look at the demographics it's just inevitable, the younger you are the less likely you will be to think gays are any different than anyone else. It reminds me of when Obama said that being gay is fine, and fox news slammed him for being political. The fact that fox news can even suggest that being pro-gay is a winning strategy politically says a lot about how far we have come. I think Jon Stewart said it best.

    1. reasonbeing from Duluth, MN, United States Post author

      I agree Haus, we must be getting close, yet we see very tight races where same-sex marriage is on the ballot. I don't think we are there yet, and it may take another 10 years or so. One thing seems fairly clear to me, younger generations have no problem with it and older generations do…that just takes time to correct.

      Great bit by Stewart. He cracks me up.

  6. Cephus from Redlands, CA, United States

    Your comment on signs is familiar. Even though I live in a more neo-conservative area, back in the day of Proposition 8, there were lawn signs everywhere supporting it, many more than I thought reasonable, even given the area. It turns out that the pro-Prop 8 idiots were going around putting signs on people's lawns without their permission and it turns out most people just left it there unless they were very, very opposed to it.

    That might be happening in your area too.

    1. hausdorff from Troy, MI, United States

      that sounds crazy to me. If someone put a sign in my yard it would piss me off. I feel like I would remove it unless I was extremely in favor of the position. I guess people are just lazy? I also feel like it might bias me against the position of the sign. If someone stuck a pro-prop 8 sign in my yard and I didn't know what that meant, or if I didn't care, it might bias me against prop 8 as a subconscious fuck you to the person putting that crap in my yard

      1. Cephus from Redlands, CA, United States

        I'd do that, but a lot of people are just clueless, they wouldn't notice a giant pile of flaming turds on their doorstep and they're too lazy go even take a sign down, much less complain about it. However, people went around and put Prop 8 signs in every yard down a street, in hopes that at least some of them would stay up and people would start thinking that it was widely supported.

        Me, I'd find the idiot who put that in my yard and jab the sign in they eye. :)

  7. Grundy from Hoschton, GA, United States

    Most people's arguments against gay marriage imply homosexuality is a contagious disease. A disease is bad enough, but they really think if being gay becomes acceptable, everyone will start doing it. That's why everyone thinks anti-gays are actually closeted gays…that and many of them get caught with same-sex escorts.

    I'm positive I will always prefer women no matter what becomes acceptable. Before I really thought about all this, I was grossed out by the idea of two men getting it on. I think that is part natural and part society. I feel like I've matured since then and now I'm neutral on seeing guys kiss in public. (but I'd still prefer lesbians do it, truth be told. :-)


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