Fundies Fuming over Election Losses

A Brief Look at the Fundamentalist Christian Response to the Election

The past few days have seen a decent amount of infighting within the Republican Party.  I think this is a good thing…I am concerned about who will emerge victorious.  I have heard moderate Republicans say it is time to drop FOX news.  That FOX only preaches to the choir and distorts things so badly independent and center Democrats are turned off.  I would agree with that.  I have heard staffers and former staffers of “old guard” Republicans state that the GOP needs to get back to its roots—it needs to ditch the Tea Party and Religious Fundamentalists.  I would also agree with that.  I have heard Tea Party spokespeople say that the Party needs to move further to the Right.  These people feel that Romney lost because he was too moderate.  I find that view completely detached from reality.  Lastly, I have heard the Christian Fundamentalists ape the Tea Party and call for a more aggressive stance on “traditional values”.  This too is utter insanity.

I want to focus on the Religious Right today.  Jerry Newcombe wrote a piece for the Christian Post the other day titled, “It’s Mourning in America”.  I found the piece to quite interesting.  Newcombe begins by acknowledging the great distress that Conservatives (particularly Christians) are feeling post-election.  He goes on to state that, “…the election results didn’t take God by surprise”.  That statement opens up a whole host of questions.  If god wasn’t surprised by the results, and it was what god intended, why should there be any distress among Christians?  Shouldn’t they be rejoicing in God’s will being done?  Shouldn’t they be bending over backwards to support Obama if it was God’s will that he be elected?  Should not they be abandoning all of the policies that God did not want implemented?  Should they not…and the list could go on and on.

He then states, “The results appear to be very bad for traditional values”.  This too poses many questions—chief among them would be, what are traditional values?  He cites anti-abortion and heterosexual marriage as two “traditional values”.  I suppose he should use the term “traditional Christian values”.  Again, this brings us back to the last paragraph.  If fundamentalists believe that all is God’s will, shouldn’t they be examining their “traditional values”?

Newcombe attempts to bypass this question with the following, “Where were the churches? Where were the values-voters? Clearly, there is a great deal of education that needs to take place”.  This is nothing more than deflection and not dealing with reality.  The fact of the matter is that churches were more vocal than ever, the “values voters” voted in droves, and your values lost.  The only education that needs to occur is for people like Newcombe and his ilk to realize that their antiquated views are not mainstream, accepted, or even wanted by the majority of Americans.  It is they who need to be educated, not the rest of us.

Newcombe continues his nonsense in the vein of Bill O’Reilly and other FOX pundits.  He writes, “Apparently, 47 percent of the country relies heavily on government subsidies… I guess the 53 percent who work had better work harder now to help feed their own families and others too”.  This is not at all surprising.  It has been the standard FOX excuse for three days as well.  The problem with it, is that it is utter nonsense.  Perhaps Newcombe is unaware that the people he assumes are the 47% are really much smaller than that and are among the least likely to vote.  The second problem with this statement is the fact that it seems incredibly anti-Christian.  Wouldn’t Jesus want you to work harder to help feed those in need?

Newcombe continues with other nonsense about debt and George Washington, you can read that for yourselves. The next piece I want to focus on is the following idea he puts forth, citing an unnamed pundit for the quote:

“The difference between a conservative and a liberal is simple:

The conservative believes that you are best qualified to take care of you and your family.

The liberal believes that the government is best qualified to take care of you and your family.”

I have to be honest here, this is the best news that I have heard in a while.  If Conservatives believe, as we can assume Newcombe does, that we are best qualified to care for ourselves and our family, I should be able to assume the following: a) The same sex marriage issue is over.  It would appear that he would agree that we are most qualified to decide who we marry—not the government.  B) The abortion debate is over.  Clearly, as he points out, individuals and families are most qualified to determine the best course of action for themselves and their families.  This is great news.  I [insert sarcasm here] fully look forward to working with Fundamentalist Christians on this issues.

Newcombe goes on to talk about education.  He quotes the bile-inducing Anne Coulter as pointing out that what we really need is bible school.  That in fact, public education as we know it should end, as it only leads to, “six hours a day being brainwashed into the liberal religion.”—hang on, I just threw up a little on my shirt, Coulter has that effect on me.  Do these people really think that is what happens in schools?  This concept is completely divorced from reality and is an insult to all of our hard-working public school teachers—particularly the conservative ones.

The article unfortunately goes on, but I will not.

What can we take from this article and the many others that have been similarly penned by other Fundamentalist Christian authors over the last few days?  We can be certain that they do not blame themselves in any  way for Romney’s loss and other GOP losses.  We can also be certain that they are still clearly divorced from reality.  We can assume that they will be redoubling their efforts to push their nonsensical agenda on America.  We can be sure that they do not see the many hypocrisies in their actions, statements, and beliefs, of which I only pointed out a few.  We can be sure of one other thing as well.  The election may be over, but as atheists, agnostics, and other types of secular Americans, our fight is not over.  We must remain vocal and vigilant.  We must continue to gain in numbers and power.  We must continue to fight against the tide of Christian Extremists.  They are rich, powerful, loud, and have no intention of slowing down—whatever course the GOP takes in the next few years—and neither can we.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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3 thoughts on “Fundies Fuming over Election Losses

  1. hausdorff from Oak Park, MI, United States

    "I have heard moderate Republicans say it is time to drop FOX news. That FOX only preaches to the choir and distorts things so badly independent and center Democrats are turned off."

    We can dream right? Hopefully the reasonable republicans will indeed use this as an opportunity to clean house.


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