Crazy Christians At it Again…

Reason has left the building….

While thinking about what I wanted to write about today, I decided to check out Right Wing Watch (  It is often a great source for a batch of religious crazy.  Usually when I scan websites like this, one headline jumps out at me, I read the article, do some other research, apply some of my own critical thinking and write a post.  Today, just about all of the headlines jumped out at me.  I was trying to think of why.  They aren’t any crazier than normal (well maybe a little bit more).  The conclusion I came to was not very uplifting.  In no way do I think that all Christians are unintelligent.  There are many very intelligent Christians out there—and I know many as well.  However, I have recently been on what seems like a conversation tour of insanity.  I have recently had some conversations with some of the least informed Christians I have ever met.  What struck me the hardest, was their complete unwillingness to actually learn anything—even to bolster their own position. Today’s headlines on Right Wing Watch were tailor made for them.  We find the following: (links are live, courtesy of Right Wing Watch)

Fischer: Only Eyewitness Testimony can Determine the Age of the Earth

Beck’s Post-Election Recommendations: Buy Farmland and Guns!

Graham: God Will Judge America for Re-Electing Obama Through a Massive Economic Collapse

“I Don’t Want Everyone to Vote”-The Roots of GOP Voter Suppression

Beck and Crew Try to Understand and Explain the Age of the Earth

Fischer: “If the GOP Comes Down for Amenesty [on Hispanic immigrants], It’s Done

Linda Harvey Compares Wearing Pro-Gay Right’s T-Shirts to Bullying

Klayman: Obama is as much a Threat to Jews and Christians as is Hamas

Larry Pratt: Obamacare Will “Take Away Your Guns”

Liberty Counsel: God’s Judgment is on America for Electing Obama and “Adopting Sin as Official Policy”

This is pure lunacy.  There is not one iota of anything truthful in any of those articles—regardless of what your religious or political beliefs are. (Some may argue the one about immigration is a legitimate political position.  I may disagree with the position, but they are right.  However, Fischer is wrong, if you click the link you will learn that his rationale is that all Hispanics are socialists and all vote Democratic, so we can’t let them in or we will be inviting in sin.)

What do we find in the above links?  Pure bat-shit crazy propaganda that, whether or not it is actually believed by the people saying it, is designed to misinform and incorrectly educate people.  It is designed to achieve a certain outcome, regardless of any facts or truth.  It is designed to promote Christianity in America—to all aspects of our lives—science, politics, social agenda, etc—and every word in every one of those articles is complete and utter bullshit.

Yet, I encounter people every single day who believe all of that nonsense.  They have no interest in checking out the validity of any of those stories.  They accuse me of being wrong when I inform that Hamas is, without a doubt a much bigger threat to Jews than Obama, for example.  Why?  Why do they not care enough to check it out, to do the research?  Why do they “close” their ears when someone speaks out against those views?  The answer is that those views fit with what they want to believe.  To many people facts are not important if someone, who they believe is credible, is telling them what they want to hear.  They believe these people are credible because they are telling them what they want to hear.  It is a vicious circle of blatant stupidity—and it is ruining this country.

Some might accuse me of bringing the same bias to the table when criticizing them.  While I may be an atheist, while I may be liberal, facts are still facts.  I certainly do have some biases, but I recognize facts.  I recognize when I am wrong.  I admit when I am wrong.  I will change my mind if evidence is presented to me that suggest I should.  Am I biased?  Of course, we all are, but my bias doesn’t change facts.  Here is one fact, in which my bias plays no role, if you believe any of those stories above, then you are uneducated on those topics.  Period.  End of Story.  The facts do not add up to support your argument, and what I think is completely irrelevant to that reality.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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4 thoughts on “Crazy Christians At it Again…

  1. hausdorff from Oak Park, MI, United States

    The one that really jumped out at me was "obamacare will take away your guns". (I did not click the link). I swear these people just take these ideas they want to tear down and treat them as the boogeyman. At least if they would try to argue that obamacare would fuck up the economy there is a potential argument to be had, it will take away your guns? WTF?

  2. Loren Miller from Bedford, OH, United States

    So … "Only Eyewitness Testimony can Determine the Age of the Earth", eh? Does that also mean that only an eyewitness to a murder is sufficient to convict the culprit? The age of the Earth and evolution are much like unwitnessed murders – they weren't directly SEEN, but there was evidence of the event left behind. That evidence, skillfully assembled and analyzed, can give at least as good an account of the event as if someone DID witness it, BETTER because the fallibility of the witness is not in the equation.

    That religion, a practice based on fallacy, depends on OTHER fallacies to justify itself should surprise absolutely NO ONE.


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