Atheist and Christian Memes

Me Making Memes

So many people were having fun with this so I figured I would give it a try…

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to your comments.


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13 thoughts on “Atheist and Christian Memes

  1. @KHUCKSTER from Newbury Park, CA, United States

    Quite a bit of stereotyping going on here IMHO.
    I am a Spiritual believer …a Christian if you will.
    I belong to no denomination or Christian organization.

    As a Spiritual believer I can't identify with anything you have posted above with my own "spiritual" beliefs.

    Generalizations based on faith, religion, ethnicity, gender etc will always miss the mark.

    I do believe this: God's Love is not even limited to Christians. God loves all of us deeply …the Muslims, Hindus, atheists and all human-kind . I guess one would have to believe there is a God to believe this. I do not disagree or disrespect your right to believe as you will as I would want the same right and respect afforded to me.

    Yet to some level I agree with you. Here is a blog that I wrote a while back:… I hope you will lend some feedback in return.

    1. reasonbeing from Duluth, MN, United States Post author

      Thanks for the comment. However, those memes aren't really all that off the mark for many Christians, though not all apply to all denominations. In order, 1) many Christians fail to apply skepticism to their faith the way they do to other areas in their lives,2) most Christian denominations are against gay marriage, which is a limiting of rights, 3)There is a major prob of separation of Church/State in the U.S. and many Christians use the bible/religion to inform their politics. Their politics affects my life. 4) The Pope shielded child abusers. Nothing to debate here. 5) Basic formulation of Christianity…again not much to debate here. 6) the bible has gotten every claim about the reality of our universe wrong and it is still used to refute science daily. Again, not much to debate here. 7) Jesus supposedly did that, he did not cure blindness. Why not? 8) The prayer above is something I hear daily…those people don't think about the kid in the pic. Prayer is absurd. 9) This is also a fundamental precept of Christianity, how devoutly it is believed depends on denomination.

      In short, they do apply to Christianity in general. They may not all apply to what your particular beliefs are, but that does not make them inaccurate—in short, they don't miss the mark, unless you "argue from exception" which would be fallacious.

      Lastly, you are correct, my absence of a belief in god(s) would lead me to disagree with your statement on god's love. I do not have time at the moment to ready your blog post, but I will honestly try to get to it later to reciprocate your coming here.

  2. troubleshooter125 from Bedford, OH, United States

    Personally, I'm still waiting for a prosthetic limb to be left at Lourdes, rather than crutches or a wheelchair or whatever. My suspicion is that I'll be waiting a while. So the meme I would suggest (with appropriate pic behind it) would be:

    Miracles claimed at Lourdes.

    No prosthetics left behind.

  3. @KHUCKSTER from Newbury Park, CA, United States

    Well you would be wrong… there are quite a few Christians who do not parallel with your descriptions. It reminds me of the: "all black people do this, all Asians do that or all atheist are this or that way".

    It is in fact stereotyping. Yet to each his own. I did not post to argue or be insulted but to share a view. As you did ask in your twitter post we do and also to tweet or promote your blog… as well as the fact that you were interested in other blogs. Sorry you didn't have the time to reciprocate. Have a great weekend.

    1. reasonbeing from Duluth, MN, United States Post author

      Khuckster—now we have a problem. You have stated I was wrong twice. I gave you one reason on each meme showing why I was right—I could write a post on each meme to further illustrate that. All you have done is say I am wrong. Your saying it, does not make it so.

      Further, I have made it clear that not each meme applies to every denomination, though most of them do. It is not stereotyping, it is a commentary on some Christian beliefs, dogma, actions. You cannot deny that the things I commented on are common Christian beliefs, or in the cases of Jesus and pope, things they did (or in Jesus case, were alleged to do).

      Third, I have not yet had time to visit your blog. The day is not yet done, however, you write that you are not here for discussion and that I asked you to come here to promote my blog. I did not do that, I just tweeted the title and the link. I am interested in other blogs, but did not mention that in a tweet either. To be honest, your last paragraph confuses me.

  4. ScottMaugh from Niles, MI, United States

    Hello! I am a Christian, I just stumbled upon your blog, and thought I would say "Hi."

    I noticed one of your memes said, "Is skeptical about proven math and science." What math are Christians skeptical about? I am sure it is obvious, but I just can't put my finger on that one. Thanks for your help.

      1. ScottMaugh from Niles, MI, United States

        Thanks. That makes sense. Also, you say:

        "If you have a blog please feel free to promote it on my “Promote Your Blog” page above."

        Is this just for Atheists blogs? Or does this go for me too? I have a blog called "Do You Believe That?" I mainly make Christian posts, but I try to have the occasional "Debate Day" with varied topics such as religion in public school, is it possible to have freewill with an omnipotent God, and others. There is also an "Open discussion" section, and Atheists/skeptics often stop by to throw proverbial tomatoes at me. It might be something that your readers would be interested in.

        Thanks again.


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