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  1. King OhMyGod from United States

    First let me thank you for having an open mind. Enough so to recognize there are ill choices being made by individuals within every belief system.
    I do appreciate secular humanism in civic assignment for separation of church and state, and it's respect for religious freedoms, speech, etc.. Absolute power corrupts. Islamic tenants require political sharia law. Christians want their world ruled by tenants that were carved in stone hundreds of years ago by monks who thought the world was geocentric, and flat. Modern man, religious or otherwise, embrace realities of science, and resulting conveniences which could not have been imagined by our forefathers a few generations ago. Yet there is endless rhetoric, and discourse against different belief systems in this new and improved version of humanity. Accusations of Hate Speech appear Marxist, or otherwise ignorant of the opposing view. You have recently become aware of my existence, and could truthfully make declarations against my publishing, and the same can be levied against practically any atheist. If mankind is to rise socially to the empirical heights of modern accomplishments; Peace must be proffered as the order of the day, by we elders to the mass of youg'uns. I am witness to tirades breaking the peace from both sides of belief lines, which is how you and I met online. Excuse our own tirades as we seek to help humanity.


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